Boss asks female employees to wear a period sticker. A sensitive solution or public humiliation? 
An Australian café owner has caused outrage by asking his female employees to wear a red sticker when they are on their period. 
Anthony made the controversial statement when he appeared on the KIIS radio show. He explained that two of his female employees had had an argument in front of customers. Anthony claimed that one of the employees involved said ‘her reaction was due to women’s issues and she was emotionally stressed and hormonal’. 
‘So in order to avoid that, we thought it would be a good idea to wear a red sticker if you’re going through a period and just need a bit of understanding or space.’ 
Anthony added ‘if someone is learning to drive a car right, they stick an L-plate on the car. That’s not for their benefit, it’s for the people around them to give them some space and not toot the horn, and stress the person out. So it’s the same idea, just for women’s issues.’ 
Are period stickers a sensitive way of supporting employees or an example of sexual discrimination? 
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