Jacob Rees Mogg has been widely criticised for calling for a return to office working. Rees Mogg wrote to cabinet ministers to encourage a minimum number of office days per week for government workers. 
He created an office attendance league table, ranking departments against one another, and left cards on the desks of civil servants which said ‘I look forward to seeing you in the office very soon’. Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, has described his actions as ‘Dickensian’. 
Perhaps most shocking is the way in which Rees Mogg behaved towards civil servants, and how this reflects on his leadership style. Union leaders and business experts have described him as ‘passive aggressive’ and ‘condescending’. 
This comes at a time when many employers are embracing the benefits of hybrid working. In a recent survey the CIPD found that 41% of employers report that home working and hybrid working results in increased productivity. 
The CIPD also identified many other employer benefits including cost savings on office space, higher employee engagement, lower absence rates and reduced environmental impact (www.cipd.co.uk).  
What are your thoughts on 100% office working? 
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