You won’t have escaped the fact that everyone has been feeling a little hot under the collar for the last few weeks; and this is not going away soon, with an Amber weather warning across the majority of the UK for Sunday 17th and Monday 18th. 
If you’ve been feeling hot, it’s likely that your employees, suppliers, clients and customers are feeling the same too. 
You could experience more irritable behaviour - let’s face it when we’re hot and we’re tired, it’s hard not to be slightly more touchy! Have you noticed a change in your mood this week? Happy because it’s lovely weather - but unhappy you’re not by a pool relaxing with a cool drink? 
So what can you do for your employees to make them feel more comfortable and remain productive? 
* allow a more relaxed dress code (we’re not talking bikinis here, but loose fitting clothes are a must!) 
* be more flexible with working times if you can - if work can be done in the (slightly) cooler hours at night that doesn’t require deadlines 
* If you have external workers, ensure you are providing suntan lotion, plenty of water for rehydration and shade breaks if they are in the full sun 
And remember, as this is the UK, it certainly won’t last when the kids break up next week! 
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