We’ve all been used to queues and waiting times this year; the shops, the takeaway café’s and appointments; but if you, or your organisation has been involved in a dispute that has not been resolved for both parties – you could face a long wait to get to a Tribunal hearing; let alone a resolution. 
A dispute is an official disagreement between an employer and their employee, usually relating to the employee’s rights. Some examples of these maybe unfair selection for redundancy or a capability process that has not been handled correctly. 
The latest statistics from the Ministry of Justice revealed that single claims made between April and June this year was 10,318 – a 28% rise to the same three months the previous year. They attributed the rise in claims to the rising levels of unemployment because of the ‘impact of COVID-19 on the economy’. 
Have you heard the saying ‘if something is worth doing, its worth doing well’? There is truth here. If you are thinking about starting, or have already commenced with a people related procedure and you feel out of your depth due to a lack of expertise or ‘it just isn’t going the way you thought it would’, get in touch hello@duchesshr.co.uk. 
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