Argos bans ‘sexist’ phrase ‘two-man delivery’. An overaction or spot on decision? 
Following complaints from customers, Argos has confirmed that it will no longer use the phrase ‘two-man delivery’. People took to social media to complain that the phrase was sexist and insensitive, and implied that only men deliver goods. Twitter user Rachel posted: ‘not very inclusive language. Outdated phrase in this day & age. I’m sure the Argos workforce is made up of so many fabulous individuals… not only men…but women & non-binary? #DiversityandInclusion’. 
Argos previously defended the language used, saying it was a non-gendered term like ‘human’, and explained that they employ many female delivery drivers. However, Argos have since confirmed that the wording had been updated to ‘two-person delivery’, ‘to ensure we reflect the diverse communities we work with’. 
What are your thoughts on the change of language? Is this an important step towards achieving diversity and inclusion? Or an example of 2022 culture gone mad? 
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