A pub in Cheshire has recently made headlines for its controversial job advert. 
The landlord put a blackboard outside the pub saying ‘Chef wanted. Please ask inside for details. No snowflakes please!’ 
The advert was also posted on their social media accounts. The landlord explained that he had struggled with ‘flaky’ employees in the past who didn’t like working weekends and evenings and constantly wanted time off. 
Calling someone a ‘snowflake’ could be considered a derogatory word. As it’s an insult often used to describe millennials, the pub could potentially be accused of age discrimination. The Equality Act prevents employers from discriminating against candidates on the basis of a protected characteristic such as age, sex or race. 
What are your thoughts on the way the advert is worded? Is it an effective way of excluding unsuitable candidates, or is it discriminatory? Would it encourage you to apply? 
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